November 13, 2018

Well, hello there!

Welcome to the home of Big Heart Giving - where every purchase has a purpose.  

We're a completely different breed of online shopping boutique.  We create jewellery and merchandise with the intention that every piece is thoughtfully curated for animal lovers, conservationists, humanitarians and, well, generally all people with really big, kind hearts!  

We live in a world of throw-away consumerism, so we try to bring you merchandise that you'd actually love to wear or use ~ for yourself or as a gift for others.  


- Well, if you love animals, nature or people, we bet you'll find something your heart connects with!

- AND ~ this planet and its humankind and animalkind need help more than ever.  Big Heart Giving donates a portion of each purchase to world-class charity partners and heroes who are doing great things.

- Every piece of jewellery and artwork for the merchandise is designed by me and unique to Big Heart Giving.  In the coming weeks we'll be offering limited edition pendants through our FaceBook page as our community grows.  As part of our Conscious and Kind Wanderlust Series, each piece is artist-designed and hand-created to take you back to a wonderful memory of travels and adventures.  They will be connected to a random giving intention, and whoever messages us for them first, has their kind generosity forwarded to a unique cause.  These will get snapped up quick, so check our FB frequently for these treasured and in-demand jeweled gems!

- We custom-create and license artwork for charities or corporate merchandise.  Contact us and let's talk about how we can benefit you and your donors or clients.

- We believe that changes in attitudes and crushing antiquated myths about many of these endangered species starts with education.  We support organizations who have the band-width and insight into the best ways to deliver and achieve this.  Please click on the "Info & Art" tab - you'll see some of the custom pieces I've created for awareness and education.  Many more pieces are in the works.  What can I customize for you? 

- As our like-minded, big-hearted community grows, we'll be adding more merchandise for even more causes.  (Snow leopards and grizzly bears are just a couple we're working on!)  Check back soon to see new goodies.


- Many species WILL be extinct in our lifetimes if we don't take immediate action.

- Rescue cats and dogs are overflowing in shelters and need kind-hearted owners to give them furr-ever homes.

- Many children in developing countries don't receive an education, nor do they have proper clothing or safe water to drink.

- Women's health issues need more determined efforts, in our own backyard. 

- Many people and communities around the world live well below the poverty line and lack a simple light so they can see to work, cook meals and basically just function.

I could go on...but we'll all know this stuff.  Big Heart Giving recognizes these facts and helps a variety of causes and concerns on this planet.  Therefore, a portion of every purchase goes to a world-class, worthy charity who helps save species or rescue animals, protects and preserves nature and uplifts people and communities.  

Please, kindly share our shop and our social media with other kind-hearted people and in return, we'll pay it forward.  

We hope you find something you love and thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts!

Big Heart Giving Founders