FOR THE LOVE OF RHINOS ~ Wax Seal-Styled Artisan Charm & Chain - Sterling Silver

Our very own, exclusive, artist designed and maker-made wax seal-style rhino charm featuring a leaf signifying the peaceful nature of this wonderful species.  And of course our cute heart and dots logo on the back.  Made in small batches to preserve the integrity of the workmanship.  *

The perfect pendant size of 3/4" in height x 5/8" wide shows your love and care for rhinos.  

- Sterling silver charm with high-grade 22" stainless chain.

Perfect for gift-giving or gifting to yourself!

Comes in our branded jewellery cloth bag.

As always a portion of your purchase helps rhinos in a variety of ways.  Relocation to safer habitats, training dogs to catch poachers and educating cultures that horns are of NO medicine value.

* We often run out of stock due to the limited castings we do on this piece.   Please be patient as we make more!  

- And if you like this style, soon to be released is our elephant, lion, gorilla and women's goals and dreams pieces.  Check back often for product updates.

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